Thursday, February 27 2014

More to come soon.


Tuesday, January 7 2014

Today's sun behind tomorrow's clouds...

Deep breath. I occasionally have feelings of despair. I am told I will see my grandchildren. BUT I know that I have been "violated". This is the problem, I think. Many people live long lives without ever thinking of death. A cancer diagnosis makes you think of it, and there is no denying.  […]

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Tuesday, December 31 2013


The Year 2013 has proven a difficult one, but also an interesting and rewarding one. I remember feeling down, sad, hopeful, alone... I remember many New Year's Eve(s) when so many unimportant things mattered! Having fun, being invited to a party, being attractive, wearing a nice dress, having lots  […]

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Sunday, December 15 2013

Namaste... is yoga the new golf for the snooty caste?

I started Hatha Yoga two weeks ago, a kind of yoga focusing on physical and mental strength building exercises and postures (source: Wikipedia). And there they were, the upper-class housewives, artificially tanned, overly groomed, covered in expensive jewellery, wearing exclusively "the right  […]

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Thursday, December 12 2013

The journey

Creases in the soul The most overwhelming aspect of a jail is its normality. I chose to work there mainly because attracted by the dark side of a complex reality, so different from the one-dimensional representation of the world that had been mine from childhood to adolescence. There, I witnessed  […]

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Thursday, December 5 2013

My story begins

It is 5 December, afternoon, and it is raining. My cats, Tabitha and Purdy, two old, grumpy cross-breeds whom I adopted from RSPCA, are rushing in from their adventure outside. Hair from their fur is everywhere. I need to vacuum clean. I want to rest. I have a day off from work (hell, as they have  […]

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Wednesday, November 27 2013

Why Homo Sum

I always got it wrong, and said that this was Catullus' sentence, whereas it is Terentius who said it: I am a human being, nothing of what is human is alien from me (I translated it badly, I know). Anyway, I am a human being. I have seen and felt and suffered, and endured, and enjoyed a lot. These  […]

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